The midnight of January 1st 2020 it was raining and red with the coldness of raining season . That was all . She had put aside , all of the books and novels  in her careful writing of story and other draft . Sisca wrote the third paragraph on the draft . There was nothing to do but fell on the bed and took a break . So Sisca did it . While the lady of the house still thought about the story . We could look to the desk that was full of paper and drafts of her story . she wrote many stories but she never felt satisfied .

Sisca woke up and looked at the clock and washed her face . She was falling a sleep when she imagined the story . She stood by the window from the second floor at her room and looked out of the window and thought about the story that she wrote . In February, there would be an writing competition for new writer but she had only third paragraph on her paper which to send at the end of the month . Three paragraphs a day is not much . She had cost more time than she had expected . It always happened like that . She had had many happy hours thinking something nice for her story . Something nearly good enough . Something almost worth the honor of belonging to her story . Suddenly she turned from the window and took breakfast with a cup of milk in the morning and back to her desk to continue her writing . Quickly she spinning her pen in her finger while drink her hot milk beside the paper . So now Sisca focused continuing on her writing .

She put down her pen . With the bright light still in her eyes , she had already finished the story . Sisca started reading her story before she would send it to the competition . After she had already read , “The story about a boy who had an accident . The boy lost his house and his parents in fire accident . Now how he lived in another island with his grand mother” . She moved quickly out the room and down to the street to send her writing to the post office .